Metabolic Precision






  • Metabolic Reprogramming System (12-15 weeks)
  • Metabolic Maximise Fat Loss Program (12 weeks)
  • Metabolic Maximise Muscle Program (12 weeks)
  • Metabolic Maximise Mass Program (12 weeks)


Start your Body Transformation Today – RESULTS GUARANTEED!


Its amazing how many people exercise regularly week in, week out, month after month or even year after year, and they never really improve how they look. They never see fantastic results from literally hundreds and hundreds of hours racked up in the gym. Maybe that person is you.


Some people blame their poor exercise habits – they think they don't spend enough time exercising. However, did you know that an effective exercise program – a program that achieves optimum health, fitness and amazing improvements in body shape, should only take up about 3% of your week…unless you're training for a specific endurance event like the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, why would you really want to spend more time exercising?


The right exercise is important. It is the catalyst.


As one of the first few personal trainers in the world to be certified as metabolic precision providers, Matt Shepherd and Annette Barrott have proven first hand that more exercise is not the answer. They are also the trainers behind the 2 of the first 3 National Lifestyle Champions in the Metabolic Precision Fenix Transformation Challenges. Matt and Annette really do know how to construct the right metabolism responsible for dramatic, permanent change!


Many people are saying Metabolic Precision is the ultimate step by step guide on how to achieve the health, fitness and the body shape they've always wanted, but never thought possible.


There are no gimmicks, crazy diets or ridiculous schedules. Quite simply, Metabolic Precision is the end product of over 20 years of research, experience, formal education and training. Metabolic Precision is a no nonsense, easy to follow program that delivers consistently outstanding results.


Your first Metabolic Reprogram can run up to 15 weeks in total. This comprehensive system involves a full pre exercise screening, posture and movement analysis, a pre challenge training program, your transformation challenge training program and plan, 6 nutrition consultations and 5 body composition assessments and a bonus goal setting workshop! Everything you need to get the body of your dreams! Read on to discover exactly what will get out of this holistic life changing program or contact us to book in for your complimentary consultation today.



A personal message from the great mind behind it all, Dr Paul Cribb……


"Body transformation is not an easy task, particularly when you don't know the right way to go about it. This topic has been the exclusive focus of my professional life; my one and only career.


My thirst for knowledge about my beloved interest has literally driven me to complete three university degrees, a stack of accreditations, publications and articles as well as what I believe is the only Ph.D. that has focused exclusively on body transformation.


Quite often, people want to change – they want to build a leaner, healthier body, they're just not sure how to do it. Metabolic Precision is a complete how-to-do-it system. Metabolic Precision is the end-result of literally thousands of hours of research and thousands more of hands-on experience in this industry. Quite simply, Metabolic Precision is a system that works. Hopefully by now you're starting to understand that Metabolic Precision is a totally unique, revolutionary approach – For the trainer and client, it removes the factors that prevent success. Metabolic Precision is a process that constructs the right plan for you – Not only the right type and amount of exercise but also the entire rest of the week you don't spend exercising.


Annette is one of the most dedicated, passionate trainers I've ever had the pleasure of certifying in my 20-something years in this industry. If you have the opportunity to work with Annette, grab it with both hands!!! – Dr Paul Cribb


Congratulations to you Matt on your awesome efforts in the transformation challenge. Truly outstanding! Incredibly consistent and remarkable. You really are a Transformation Specialist. I'm just so proud of you, and pleased for you" – Dr Paul Cribb

What do I get with Metabolic Precision that's so different?


Experience exactly how to exercise to trigger rapid changes. Learn all about food selection, meal construction and daily plan design. Get everything you need to know about shedding fat, accelerating recovery and improving health.


As Body Blitz Metabolic Precision Providers, we give you an unprecedented level of individualization, value for money and quality of service. You will receive:




Individualized, science-based exercise programming


Your exercise program is the catalyst for rapid results. Getting the best results in the shortest possible amount of time, that's what it should be all about. However, too much of the wrong type, or too little of the right kind can short circuit progress. So what if you don't know the first thing about how to exercise to get the best results? You don't need to. Metabolic Precision utilizes a science based, highly integrated approach. Just the right type and amount of exercise is provided, based on your individual needs, goals and abilities.


To achieve rapid, fantastic, permanent improvements in body shape requires a precision based holisitic approach. That means a structured, highly integrated approach to exercise programming but also a customized plan for the entire week!


In today's busy world, achieving the health and body shape we really want comes down to making efficient choices. Not only about the type and quantity of exercise performed but also, choices that maximize the effects of every single moment spent exercising.


Fat loss, definition, energy, strength and even rock-hard abs are all the result of constructing the correct metabolism.


If you ignore this science based, research proven fact, any benefits gained will be short lived.




Research-proven resistance exercise


Never forget that resistance training is the only exercise that improves body shape. We use a resistance training system shown in research to deliver consistently outstanding, rapid improvements in strength, body composition and shape! We know how to develop a highly effective, individualized resistance training program that will sculpt the body you've always wanted.




Customized science-based cardio program


Designed from the very latest research to maximize fitness and speed fat loss at the same time! No more wasted, boring hours parked on the stationary bike or treadmill, just efficient, effective exhilarating aerobic exercise training that gets results fast!



Metabolic nutrition


A tailored nutrition plan is developed to create a metabolic synergy that optimizes health and speeds results from exercise. This isn't a diet, and much more than an eating plan, its a complete life-changing process. Based on the latest nutritional research, you and I will systematically construct a plan that suits your individual needs, goals and physiology.


  • Get results without counting calories or following a diet.
  • Maximize results from every single workout.
  • Construct the right plan for each day in minutes.
  • Achieve a life-changing, permanent body transformation!



The Complete Body Transformation System Manual

– developed by Dr Paul Cribb PhD.


Dr Paul Cribb has helped thousands upon thousands of people all over the world achieve success. Metabolic Precision is a process that's evolved from researching, coaching and working with people from all walks of life for over 20 years. It combines tried-true information along with the latest cutting edge research.


The beautifully presented manual you'll receive teaches you EVERYTHING about nutrition and creating your lifestyle change over the 12 weeks of your core program and well beyond. It comes complete with the MP Principles of Success, The FEONs (Foods Essential to Optimum Nutrition), Nutrition Timing, How to Construct Metabolically Precise Meals (promote health, speed recovery and fat loss!) The 6 Secrets to a Successful Body Transformation. Learn how to monitor and adjust what you're eating without counting a single calorie! Plus much more!







The Metabolic Precision Cookbible – The mantra is FDN…any nutrition plan must be Fast, Delicious and Nutritious. Forget the unsatisfying rabbit food diets or bland, boring rubber chicken breast n boil rice approach. The MP Cookbible contains 120 FDN recipes that optimize health and results. Throw in a stack of tips, tricks and simple preparation strategies that make healthy eating a delicious pleasure, not a chore – you've got yourself a complete food resource.

It also comes with a cookbook section containing over 120 recipes and a cooking DVD to demonstrate that most of these meals take no more than 10 mins in preparation time! I only cook twice a week – it's that easy!


Personalized Guidance – Unlike other programs that leave you to work it out for yourself, we will take you through an incredible life-changing process. Check out our Before & Afters and you'll see what happens when you construct exactly the right exercise plan. Every workout is an experience in exercise that yields dramatic improvements in body shape. The nutrition consultations will walk you through the simple steps of "metabolically precise" meal construction, nutrition timing, kitchen makeover and tailoring the plan to suit. You will know exactly how to eat, drink and supplement to achieve a leaner, healthier body, permanently. All this coupled with regular science based body composition assessments – No more guessing or conflicting information, just a clear path to success and permanent results.




Member Access to – When it comes to transforming your body, continued success requires an ongoing commitment to education. That's a commitment that Metabolic Precision is going to keep right along with you.


When you sign up for Metabolic Precision with Body Blitz Health & Fitness you will gain 12 months access to a complete e-resource packed full of research-based, unbiased information that will help you achieve your goals.


There you will find forums, articles, reports and an extensive Q&A section on every aspect of exercise instruction, training and nutrition. Whenever you need clear informative information on anything to do with health and fitness, the Metabolic Precision web site has it all and its updated daily. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will be available to you. Metabolic precision is a community of like minded people all pursuing the same goals, all facing the same challenges and all willing to help.




Entry into the prize pool of $25,000 in cash and prizes – that's right! Simply complete your ebooklet and submit your results to take your share of the cash and prizes up for grabs. Two of our clients have both won$2,500 each from challenges ran in 2010 so jump on board and join our champions Karen Harrison, Michelle Sullivan and runner up, Sharyn Walker!




The prize pool both Karen and Michelle have had a share of. Who wants to be our next winner?






"I've got 'abs' at 44 years of age! " Say's busy mum, Karen Harrison. Karen's lost 25kgs of body fat. Karen was trained by our very own Matt Shepherd (hyperlink "Matt Shepherd" to Matt's bio under 'about us') Read Karen's Story Here…if you are after motivation. Her journey has had a profound affect on so many people!





What does Metabolic Precision cost?

Metabolic Precision adds an entirely new dimension to personal training, an unparalleled quality of service that ensures outstanding value.


This is a truly unique service that simply cannot be beaten in terms of cost effective personal training and genuine value for money giving you the best results in the shortest possible amount of time! Contact Matt and Annette today for more details.


Metabolic Precision can also be structured for corporate group training and small groups of 2 or more. For more information of this quality service, please click here to contact us today.